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NewsCactus provides the tools needed to build and maintain a complete online newsroom without relying on Web developers or IT departments. Using NewsCactus, professional communicators have direct control over their newsroom's content and timeliness.
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About NewsCactus

NewsCactus is a database-driven online newsroom solution developed by an Accredited Public Relations practitioner. Clients login through an administrative Web page and use the service to share their company or organizationís news and information on the Internet.

NewsCactus is hosted on a dedicated, secured server thatís separate from the companyís server. The newsroom becomes a sub-domain of your Web site (i.e., news.YOURURL).

NewsCactus streamlines the process of publishing news and information while feeding content-hungry search engines with valuable information about companies and organizations, products and services.

This cost-effective, simple-to-use Internet tool helps organizations maintain a full-featured online newsroom with little or no Web design or HTML experience required.

NewsCactus is available for as little as $199 a month or as much as $1,000 a month, depending on your needs.

Client feedback and new feature requests are incorporated in new versions of NewsCactus.

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