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NewsCactus provides the tools needed to build and maintain a complete online newsroom without relying on Web developers or IT departments. Using NewsCactus, professional communicators have direct control over their newsroom's content and timeliness.
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Benefits of an Online Newsroom

Online newsrooms are extremely important components to any commercial Web site. While many companies archive past news releases and news coverage, few take full advantage of the benefits afforded by a dedicated online newsroom.

One Place for Information

Let’s get one thing straight, when you look for information on the Internet, it’s always easier to deal with fewer Web sites with better information. Try to imagine if half of your job was researching. Wouldn't you appreciate a single, easy to find place to get all the information you were looking for?

Welcome to the world of journalism.

The biggest benefit of having an online newsroom is that it becomes a central location for information about your company, association or organization.

Many reporters visit newsrooms before making contact with the PR department. Customers and prospective customers are also becoming savvy about researching products and services online. Simply put, the more information your newsroom provides, the better it will reflect on you.

Creating a newsroom that is easy to use and loaded with relevant information encourages journalists to revisit your site time and again. The point is to create a media resource that helps them help themselves.

A single, easy to use source of quality information leads to more press coverage.

You Control the Content

Reporters and bloggers are going to write about anything they please, including stories about you. There’s no changing that. Most of the time, this is good and something you want, right? But what if some controversial issue comes up?

That’s okay. Your newsroom becomes the perfect place to self-publish articles or editorials to share your perspective.

Be proactive about telling your story. NewsCactus content management software makes it easy to publish what you need to, when you need to.

Update Whenever

Since NewsCactus clients login via an administrative Web page, they may access and update their newsrooms from anywhere with an Internet connection.

No more waiting hours, days or weeks for Dwight from IT to upload your information. You can update and maintain the entire newsroom yourself, without hardly a drop of technical know-how.

Remember, your audience has a reasonable expectation that any new information will come from you first; a newsroom that isn’t kept up-to-date will be quickly forgotten.

Giving this update-as-you-go ability to professional communicators allows them to maintain newsrooms quickly and effectively, which will encourage visitors to come back often and subscribe to your newsroom’s RSS feed.

That’s a good thing.

Really Simple Syndication

By now you must have heard the term Web 2.0. Even on this Web site, we must have thrown that term at you at least a dozen times. Relax, we’re not trying to scare you off with technical L337 speak (that’s “leet” or “elite” speak for the real geeks).

All you need to know about Web 2.0 is that it’s changing Internet user’s behavior, especially they way they receive information.

Really Simple Syndication feeds are the most reliable way to distribute your content. NewsCactus uses RSS feeds to supplement or replace e-mail notifications of news releases, company information or other announcements.

There are many advantages RSS has over e-mail, including bypassing spam issues, immediate notification on RSS readers and distribution across the Web. After subscribing to your NewsCactus newsroom RSS feed, your newsroom readers have complete control over how they want information delivered, which many journalists appreciate.

Online Branding

Maintaining an online newsroom provides one of the best ways to brand your company or organization online. Frequent announcements, news highlights and links to what media organizations are saying about you help others understand your brand from your perspective as well as from that of an outsider.

The more keyword rich content you put on your site and the frequency with which you update your Web site are key factors in determining organic search engine ranking.

Search Engine Marketing

It happens all the time. You do an online search for something and the results page lists dozens of irrelevant links. Regardless, you usually only pay attention to the top few results anyway.

The difference between a result on the top and bottom halves of the page are huge. We’re trained to read top to bottom, left to right. What part of the page do you think gets the most attention? More importantly, how do you get yourself listed there?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, don’t worry because we do. In fact, NewsCactus newsrooms exist to be search engine friendly.

We know how to get those finicky engines to pay attention and use this knowledge to help you improve your Web presence. Aren’t we generous? The more listings you have on the search results page, the more visible you become.

No Need for IT Support

It sure must be frustrating relying on your IT department for every computer related problem that pops up. I don’t know what your IT department is like, but for most companies IT people are a very limited resource and stretched razor thin.

After all, they often have to take care of the entire company, not just the communications or public relations department. Good luck trying to get an immediate response.

NewsCactus helps you avoid dependency. That’s healthy, right? The newsroom was designed so that once it’s installed, it’s simple to update and maintain on your own using an online administrative portal. And we’re not talking ‘you’ as in ‘your company,’ but you as in YOU, the person in charge of communications. What a novel idea — for you to control your own newsroom.

Our content management system is simple and easy to use. Updating and maintaining the newsroom without the support of IT ensures that changes and additions are made when and how they need to be.

And that just makes you and the newsroom look good.

Newsroom Looks and Feels Like Your Web Site

You put a lot of work into making your Web site unique. We know how tough it is designing an eye-pleasing, effective and functional Web site and don’t want to step on your toes.

NewsCactus newsrooms are designed and built to match your existing Web site. We know that keeping everything seamless and consistent looks more professional and just works better. You wouldn’t go out if your belt or purse didn’t match your shoes, would you? We didn’t think so.


A person can only read so much text.

Make your stories more meaningful by illustrating them with pictures or other multimedia. Remember, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Your newsroom is an excellent place to put radio and television commercials. Or how about posting a podcast or vodcast (video podcast)?

Multimedia adds personality to your site. The press will certainly appreciate having photos and logos to choose from for use in their stories. Think of how much time this could save you in responding to requests for images.

NewsCactus newsrooms also include picture and caption modules. They can appear on every page of your newsroom and can be updated and changed easily on an individual page basis. These modules are a great way to engage your online audience.


NewsCactus offers the most cost-effective newsroom solution with which we’re aware. We know, that sounds a little pious. But there just isn’t any plainer way to say it. If you can find a less expensive solution with the same features, please, let us know.

But there’s much more value than just what you pay for.

Adding a newsroom to your site is an effective and easy way to improve your Internet presence and search engine rankings.

Especially if you’ve shelled out money for online advertising, utilizing a NewsCactus newsroom is a great way to supplement and maximize your existing online efforts.

Dedicated Tech Support

We’ve rambled on about how NewsCactus is so easy that you won’t need your IT department.

Well, life and technology are silly, unpredictable things. Rather than painting ourselves into a corner, NewsCactus offers dedicated tech support 24/7/365 in the off chance that technical problems do come up.

If you ever need help or have questions, we’re happy to oblige.

The Newsroom Becomes Part of Your Domain

This is a huge benefit!

You’ve put a lot of time, money, blood, sweat and tears into your Web site. Building an Internet presence isn’t an easy thing, so of course you want to increase traffic on YOUR site.

Believe us, we know how you feel.

That’s why when you get a NewsCactus newsroom it becomes a part of your domain name. The URL is simply not

The journalists we’ve talked to say this is one of the most important keys to building an effective newsroom: creating an easy-to-get-to URL.

It’s seems like a small difference, but the impact of your newsroom’s domain is tremendous. By making the newsroom part of your domain, all the traffic goes to your Web site, not ours. You receive the benefit, not NewsCactus.

Some newsroom providers use a URL method that redirects traffic to their own site. Sneaky, isn’t it? They get all the search engine ranking glory. When you become a NewsCactus client, you retain ownership of your newsroom’s URL.

You’re the one putting up the content and bringing in the traffic. It’s only right that you get all the glory.

Separate Hosting

Although the NewsCactus client’s newsroom URL is, it’s actually hosted separately on our secure, backed-up server.

We’ll help you set-up the redirect for your sub-domain. It’s pretty simple.

This approach has proved helpful in times of natural or man-made disaster. What if your offices — God forbid — are destroyed by flood or fire, and your on-site equipment which houses your Web site is destroyed? Better hope you have a back-up, right?

Well, with a newsroom hosted separate from your Web site, even if your entire site is down, you can still update the newsroom section of your site as long as you have Internet access in order to communicate with key audiences at a crucial time.

A separately hosted newsroom creates redundancy that should be part of any smart organization’s crisis plan.


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