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How to Set-Up Your CNAME

Instructions for Creating news.URL

In order for the NewsCactus newsroom to function properly, you need to add redirect instructions on your Web host. The instructions, called a CNAME record, seamlessly take the user from your server to the NewsCactus server when they click on the newsroom link.

Blogger Help has directions under the topic “How do I create a CNAME record for my custom domain?” which includes instructions for many different Web hosts. You could visit Blogger Help, select your domain host, and review the step-by-step directions they provide.

In fairly simple terms...with the company hosting your website, you’ll add a CNAME for “news” pointing to “” (don't include the quotes; CNAME changes are located under the host’s DNS control menu).

Please Note: if not done correctly, changes to your website DNS settings could adversely affect your website. NewsCactus cannot be held responsible for errors.

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